Citizen is an American company that created and are distributing the Citizen electronic cigarettes and cigars. I’m a proud Citizen client and I can’t recommend these enough if you’re trying to quit smoking or if you want a healthier option. The cigars/cigarettes are stylish, they look and feel authentic and the flavors are to die for. You might think: there he is… selling stuff! But NO. This is a genuine recommendation and you should definitely check out their website and try their products!

‘At Citizen e-Cig, our biggest goal is to eliminate the numerous toxins and chemicals associated with traditional tobacco. Our team has decades of combined experience working in the biomedical and disease industries, and is fully committed to presenting smokers with less harmful alternatives. Backed by medical research and technology, our products aim to provide a familiar experience for smokers, and one that can be guilt-free too.

We are dedicated to empowering smokers to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars, and have therefore created products with the focus on our customers. We value community and feedback, and encourage you to share your experience with us.’

– Extract from Citizen’s website